How to ascend to the 5th dimension or otherwise known as the 5D can be a perplexing task. This is mainly because of all the different opinions online. However, the one thing they all agree on on how to ascend to the 5D is, we need to stop listening to the MMS and think for ourselves.

To ascend to the 5th dimension can sound so daunting and hard to get your head around. But, put basically it is the way our DNA is working which lets us ascend to the 5th dimension. As a species when this 15-dimensional time matrix was created by the prime creator source God we had all 15 strands of DNA activated. This gave us the ability to traverse through all the dimensions at will. We were able to incarnate into physical bodies with all our memories intact.

Ascend to 5D Using These Methods

how to ascend

However, as billions of years went by we gradually fell down in this 15-dimensional time matrix until we ended up in the 3rd dimension. This was caused by other races of beings who wanted to control this matrix and rule it for themselves. To learn how to ascend back up to the 4th,5th, and all the way back up to the 15th dimension you will need to do the following.

Ascend Using Meditation

So, to activate more strands of our DNA so we can pass through the dimensional portal which is in the Earth. We need to first wake up to the tyranny which has infested this planet. I would imagine most of you reading this have arrived at this point a while ago. You will only need to heal yourself on an energetic level. The best practice to start this process is meditation. Once you become practiced at this you will start to access memories from your higher self. As well as experiencing a gradual appreciation of the journey your soul has gone through so far.

Plasma Body Activation Codes

This process has taken me around 2 years to finish, however, the energies are so high at this ascension time you may well do this process a lot quicker. To further answer the question of “how to ascend” you will need to start activating your PLASMA BODY. Please watch the video below to see how to do this. With practice, this plasma body activation will open you up to more DNA upgrades. Also, this shield is incredibly powerful at protecting yourself as well.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

These practices are so important if you are serious about learning how to ascend into the 5D and beyond. I highly recommend researching Ashayana Deane online and finding her groundbreaking work on these matters of how to ascend. Her knowledge of this and so much more is breathtaking.