Energy Healing For Dogs

Energy healing for dogs is a great way to heal your beloved dog without intervention from a vet which can cause unnecessary stress to your dog. I have used this successfully on my 12 year old doggy “Prince”. He was suffering from arthritis in his back legs. Also, he had several growths on his body. He also has a very big phobia of vets after an operation he had before we rescued him. So much so that we thought the stress of taking his was doing more harm than good. So I decided to try my “energy healing for dogs” technique which I was developing at the time alongside my skills with humans.

energy healing for dogs

The energy healing I use with dogs is very similar to the ones I use on my human clients. I send healing remotely and use “source energy” to bring about this healing. It is none intrusive and quite pleasant for doggies. My Prince just falls asleep while I am doing it on him. I just basically meditate and start my energy healing for dogs routine. I first speak to the dog’s higher self, and before you ask, yes animals do have souls and I still need permission to do energy healing. Once permission is granted I bring “source energy” into the energy field of the dog. This is used to help with any emotional imbalances which can lead to a physical ailment, just like in humans

None Intrusive Healing Method For Dogs

Once this energy is in the energetic field of your dog I proceed to direct this energy to where it is needed the most. I also use “source energy” to detox your dog of any toxins which have built up. This toxin release is often all that is needed to promote healing in your doggy. Once the energy transfer is complete I ask the dog’s higher self to use this energy after the session to carry on the healing until the next session, if needed of course.

My dog Prince experienced a drastic change in arthritis he was suffering from in his back legs. Also, his growth has nearly disappeared altogether. I was giving him natural supplements to ease the pain before I did the energy healing for dogs method, but now he does not need anything extra at all. I just send him more healing about once a month just to keep him fit and healthy. After the results I got with my dog I decided I would offer this as a service to other dog owners. This type of energy healing for dogs has proven to be a busy part of my healing time. We often put our health at risk but when it comes to our beloved dogs we certainly put them first.

My Prince Enjoying a Run

I Want To Heal Your Dog

If you are reading this and want to get some energy healing for your dog just make an appointment like normal as a human client. Once I email you and confirm the booking you can instruct me then about the healing you need for your dog. To help me get a better connection for this energy healing, it would be better if you could email me a picture of your dog and its name. Even better would be a zoom meeting which I will arrange and I could meet your doggy there. If this is not possible though. The picture will be sufficient to start this energy healing for dogs technique. Hope to hear from you soon. All my love Alan Stockdale.

More Info

Absolutely not, this type of energy healing works over any distance. It is the intention behind it that counts.


As long as the behavior which caused the dis-ease is not repeated the healing will last a lifetime.


Just make an appointment with me via the button provided. I will be in touch via email and then we can either arrange a Zoom meeting to start the healing process. Alternatively, you can just email me back a photo of your animal and a name and I will do the healing on my own until your animal is healed.


I work on a donation-only basis, I do this so no one will miss out on my healing abilities. So you can pay as little or as much as you want. 


Depending on the type of problem your animal has, generally full health can be restored within 4 weeks.

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