Source Energy Healing

Source energy healing is a method of sending healing remotely using the power of our creator’s source energy. This holistic healing is one of the most potent energy healing modalities there is. I rediscovered this natural healing method after extensive meditation journeys.

The reason this is so effective is that everything in the universe is made with source energy being part of it. The secret to this healing modality is being able to recognize this fact and connect to this divine energy.

source energy healing
Eternal Energy Of Source

The best way to achieve healing with this type of healing is to connect energetically with the person or animal you want to cure. It can be someone you know or someone you have never met in person. I like to at least have a photo of the subject being healed.

This source healing is more effective though if you have made a connection in person or via an electronic method, such as a Zoom call or something similar. Once the connection has been made I will send my healing via a meditation method. This works because source energy is all around and can be tapped remotely.

Make An Energetic Connection

When I’m in this meditation I will visualize “source energy” coming into the subject and then directing it to the areas needed the most. The client’s body uses this “source energy” to do the job with my direction. Also, emotional healing can occur using source energy healing as well.

The way I do this type of healing is to bring this energy into the subject’s energy fields. This then transmutes the negative energies into positive ones. Also, negative memories and old wounds can be healed with this “source energy healing”. 

source energy healing
Energy Healing Power

I believe this healing is a method we can all do on ourselves and others as well as healing our animals. If you are looking for a source energy healing practitioner please press the button above and get more details from me and book an appointment as well.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, it is, source energy is pure love creative energy from the creator of everything. Plus the healer’s intentions are pure love also which guarantees a beautiful experience.

No, this type of healing can be done just as effectively at any distance as long as an energetic connection is made before the healing begins.

My healing is done on a donation-only basis, so you pay as much as you feel right is for you. The reason for this is I do not want anyone to miss out on my services because they afford them.

Once full healing is achieved it will last as long as the client refers from doing the same behavior which caused it in the first place. For example, if the healing was needed because the client kept hold of negative feelings in their energetic body. This negativity in the energy body can cause all sorts of problems. So if the client goes back to dwelling on these feelings the healing will need to be done again.

Generally, the appointment will last between 30 minutes and 1 hour

What Can "Source Energy" Heal

Physical Aches & Diseases

Source energy will get to the root of the cause of the problem and resolve it there. Unlike modern medicine which just treats the symptoms and not the cause. The healer will use this source energy to physically help the body heal itself.

Emotional Problems & Anxiety

Emotional problems are caused by a whole host of events and memories. These negative energies are stored in the energy body. Source healing can transmute these energies into positive ones. Once this happens the emotional problems will start to heal.

A Typical Testimonial Of
"Source Energy" Healing