Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques

This page is to explain the spiritual energy healing techniques I use to promote healing in my clients and loved ones alike. Firstly I would like to say that these energy-healing techniques have come to me through my meditations. Also, I believe from a previous life. In case you don’t know I am a qualified hypnotherapist as well. I specialize in past-life regression therapy. Part of this work has opened doors spiritually for me.

What I mean by that is the work in the realm of the subconscious has opened up memories from previous lives as a healer in other realms, not just Earth.  Spiritual energy healing techniques are common throughout the universe. However, they have been hidden from the vast population because they take power away from certain medical establishments. After all, there is not much profit in curing people, just alleviating the symptoms.

Healing Energy Is All Around Us

Anyway enough of me getting on my soapbox about that. Let’s concentrate on how I utilize these energy healing techniques to help people promote healing. The healing energy I use is called “source” energy and it is all around us and in everything in the universe. Some people call it the creator energy or God energy if you prefer. The name does not matter. What matters is the fact these spiritual energy healing techniques work with this incredibly loving creative energy.

Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques

The body in the perfect environment will heal on its own, it’s just our modern society gets in the way with all the toxins in the air, water, and food. Also, the medical profession does as well as discussed earlier. 

For this reason, this healing technique is required to stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body. The way I perform the healing starts with Zoom call where I can make an energetic connection. I have found through experience the healing works best using this method.

After the Zoom call has finished and the connection has been made. I then go into a deep meditation. This is where I access source energy and send it to you. You may feel a warming sensation when I do this. Not everyone does, but some do.

All you need to do is just sit comfortably somewhere and relax. If you know how to meditate I recommend this at the same time as me sending the healing. This way the connection is stronger and the “source energy” flows better.

After the initial first session I will continue to send it until you get a positive result. Obvously not everyone will be healed straight away. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the effects to realise fully. Using my method of healing is completley natural and does not require hospital visits.

Distant Energy Healing

These spiritual energy healing techniques can heal the body as well as the emotional body. The reason for this is not recognized by the mainstream medical profession. The energetic body surrounds the body and is part of the chakra system. When the chakras are not free to spin and drive the energy around the body, blockages appear. These spiritual blockages if not treated will lead to “dis-ease”. So by clearing these the body can begin to heal.

Spiritual Energy Healing Techniques

The initial healing session takes about 60 minutes for the first Zoom call. After this, I also work with your higher self spiritually to carry on the healing using this energy I sent. This extra healing will occur while both I and the client are not concentrating on it. 

While there are many spiritual energy healing techniques. I find this one the most effective and it’s a method the client can learn to do themselves as well. My mission in this realm is to heal as many people as possible and teach others how to heal themselves. If this healing technique sounds like a way forward for you, just book a session and I will see you soon. 

All my love

Alan Stockdale xx